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What type of countertop edge profiles can we do?

If you have processed design drawings, please send them to us, we can process according to your drawings;
We have listed the 32 common types in the picture below, such as: bevel, flat, ogee, bullnose, chiseled etc.

32 edge polished for stone countertops and vanity tops

What kind of materials can we choose to make an order?

We can provide customized orders for countertops in any stone material, whether natural or artificial. These include marble, granite, quartzite, artificial quartz, engineered marble, nano stone marble etc. We have a large stock of large stone slabs and ready to cut your order.

What are the common countertop sizes?

  • Countertop Thickness: 1.8cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, etc.
  • Kitchen countertop: 24″x96″, 26″x96″, 28″x96″, 28″x108″, etc
  • Countertop Peninsula: 36″x 78″, 39″x 78″, 28″ x 78″, etc.
  • Countertop Island: 66″x 42″, 84″x 42″, 86″ x 42″, etc.
  • Countertop Snack Bar: 12″x 78″, 15″x 78″, 18″ x 78″, etc
  • Bathroom Vanity: 25″ x 22″, 31″ x 22″, 37″ x 22″, 49″ x 22″, 60″ x 22″, etc.

What are the advantages of producing countertops in our factory?

  • Very competitive factory price.
  • Guaranteed you receive the highest quality stonecountertops.
  • On-time delivery.
  • We supply OEM&ODM service.

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