Botticino Classico Marble Details

Botticino Classico Marble is a kind of natural beige stone quarried from Italy, which has become one of the most popular beige marble in the world. There are some light dots and yellow veinings distributed on the surface, including the straight veins and the randoms. The good Botticino marble slab has a uniform base and veins, but some may have little defects like red lines, crystalline and base difference. Stocked in 18 mm slab, can also be sourced into 15/20/30mm and customized thickness. Good with Polished, honed, acid-wash and other unique surface finishing. About more Botticino Classico Projects, please click here.

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1. Italian Botticino Classico Marble Features

Botticino Classico has two different beige background,  one is lighter beige, the other deeper, both have high luminosity and oiliness.

A. The Lighter Beige Background:

Botticino Classico Marble-light beige

B. The Deeper Beige Background:

Botticino Classico Marble-deep beige

2. Botticino Classico Marble Composite to Ceramic

A. Why choose composite way:

It is a good way to increase the stone strength when composite the natural marble with ceramic, Aluminum honeycombs and other materials, the composite stone would be lighter and not easy to broken than normals as well. Another point is that it can save cost in a composite way,  especially for the precious stone, we can finally get double quantity as we divide one slab into two pieces and then composite to the unique material. The normal natural stone thickness is 5mm, (+/-1mm thickness tolerance), and 9mm for ceramic, 12/15/20/30mm for other unique material.

B. Processing procedure:

(1). Cut to Size: Choose the suitable Botticino Mable Slab to cut, the tile size is 1200x1200mm as our customers’ requirement, 5mm thick natural marble with 9mm ceramic tile, and 1mm thick reinforced glue, total 15mm thickness.

(2). Composite: Smooth off the top polished surface and the back net, then composite the natural marble with ceramic in both sides.

(3). Planing: Planing the composite stone in the middle way, then smooth the uneven surface.

(4). Brushed with glue for the cracks, repolished and trimmed in the edges.

(5). Packing: Packed with strong wooden crate with fumigation.

botticino classico composite tile 1200x1200mm

5mm botticino classico marble composite to 9cm ceramic

botticino classico dry lay

botticino classico packing

3. Botticino Classico Countertop&Vanity

Botticino Classico can be also processed into countertops&vanity tops with different edges processing, then what  should do when processing with 2+2cm laminated edges, here are some tips for your reference:

(1). Botticino Classico Slab will have little color difference for the background, so we need to cut the countertop and laminated tiles following the veins, and each countertop should be numbed piece by piece, then laminated the same color tiles in the edges to avoid color difference.

(2). Normally the seamless boned is required for the laminated countertops. We need to shovel off the back net and smooth it with the hand grinder, then laminated it with stone glue.

(3). Clamping both sides with the long clips when laminating, to make sure there is not any gap in both sides.

 Botticino Classico Marble Countertop

 Botticino Classico Countertop 2+2cm Laminated Eased Edges




Material: Marble
Color: Beige
Quarry Country: Italy
Thickness: 15-30mm
Slab Size:  2400mm (up) x1200mm (up)
Cut to Size: 12‘’x12”,12”x24”, 24”x24”, etc
Countertop:  96”/108”x26”/36”, etc
Vanity Top: 25”/31’/37”/41”/49”x22”, etc
Surface Finishing: Polished, Honed, Leathered, Acid-wash, Sandblasted, etc
Application: Floor,Wall, Countertop, Bathrooms, etc


FAQ – How to Make Order?

How to pack and load marble slabs and tiles?

  • Fumigated wooden bundles as frame packing;
  • Strengthen with steel bar and plate;
  • Wooden bars reinforce each bundle;
  • 8-15 pieces per bundle, 7-10 bundles per 20ft container;
  • Small quantity: plywood with strong wooden bundle;

packing and loading of stone products

How to arrange shipping from China ?

  • The first shipment is about 10-20 days after receiving the deposit.
  • We work with many Chinese freight forwarder to arrange the shipment and custom clearance for you, even if you don’t have any import experience.
  • We also offer door to door service, which saves much time and trouble for you.

What's MOQ ?

  • MOQ is one bundle,  and the pieces of one bundle is about 8-15pcs.

How to pay ?

  • 30% deposit and balance against B/L Copy or L/C at sight.
  • Pay methods include T/T, L/C, western union, cash and paypal, etc.

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