Nestos Marble

Nestos is one of the richest marbles in Greece. It has a white background. Gray and light brown wood grains are evenly arranged, and the two colors straight lines are arranged in an order which is very coordinated, this is the most common variety. There are also dark blue lines, three colors line are evenly arranged and set off against each other. They are like wood fossils that have experienced a long time. Looking at the lines is simple, but it is very difficult to form such symmetrical natural stones. This variety is called by merchants as good quality. Nowadays, this kind of stone has been excavated by people to make different stone products and used in the construction of life.

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Nestos Marble Block

We can see that the texture of the Nestos Marble block is neat and not randomly distributed like other marbles. So it is usually cut into slabs to show these textures. According to the requirements of stone products, it can be cut into many different thicknesses.
Regular size:10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc.Nestos Marble Slab Cross Texture 2

Our factory has a lot of Greek Nestos marble stocks. These Slabs are 10-25mm thick, and 18mm thick Slabs will be a little more because this is the most popular export size. The surface is polished, which is the most common method. Honed, Flamed, sandblasting, etc, these will be relatively rare.Nestos Marble Slab Diagonal Texture

Water Absorption 0.17%
Compressive Strength 72.0 – 73.4 MPa
MPaDensity 2700 kg/m³
Flexural Strength 10.2 MPa


Slab Description

There are usually two Slab surface styles displayed on the market, one is cross grain and the other is diagonal grain. Both styles have their own decoration methods, and the effects presented are different.

The Slab Cross Grain
Nestos Marble Slab Cross Texture

Cross Grain Tile Dry Lay
Nestos Marble Cross Texture Tile

The Slab Diagonal Grain
Nestos Marble Slab Diagonal Texture2

Diagonal Grain Tile Dry Lay
Nestos Marble Diagonal Texture Tile

Nestos Marble Finished Products Show

Because of the uniform grain of Nestos Marble, it is loved by the public. So it is widely used in many home kitchens, hotel lobby, bathrooms, corridors, and other places. Nestos can be processed into floor tiles, wall tiles, countertops, washbasin tops, tabletops and more. The surface of most Nestos marble products is polished, and a small part will choose Honed, flamed, sandblast and other surface processing methods.

The Tiles Dry Lay  
Different thicknesses have different effects on subsequent processing. For the countertop, we will design and process according to customer needs. Tiles will have regular sizes on the market, and we will cut them into finished products according to this.
12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, etc.
Nestos Marble tile

The tabletop sample
Nestos Marble Table top

The Washbasintop prototypeNestos Marble Washbasintop

The Bathroom

Nestos Marble Bathroom

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Name Nestos MArble
Color white
Quarry Country Greece
Density 2.650t/m³
Material Natural Stone
Finished Product Tlie, Countertop, fireplace etc.
Thickness 10-30mm
Size 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, etc.
Surface Finishing Polished, Honed
Use Floor, Wall, Lobby, etc.



How to pack and load marble slabs and tiles?

  • Fumigated wooden bundles as frame packing;
  • Strengthen with steel bar and plate;
  • Wooden bars reinforce each bundle;
  • 8-15 pieces per bundle, 7-10 bundles per 20ft container;
  • Small quantity: plywood with strong wooden bundle;

packing and loading of stone products

How to arrange shipping from China ?

  • The frist shipment is about 10-20 days after receiving the deposit.
  • We work with many Chinese freight forwarder to arrange the shipment and custom clearance for you, even if you don’t have any import experience.
  • We are also offer delivery to your door service, which saves much time and trouble for you.

What's MOQ ?

  • The required quantity must reach a certain quantity to be able to place an order.

How to pay ?

  • 30% deposit and balance against B/L Copy or L/C at sight.
  • Pay methods include T/T, L/C, western union, cash and paypal, etc.

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