Oriental White Marble Details

Oriental White Marble is a kind of natural white stone from China quarry, also called Asian Statuary, Eastern White. Owns a milky white background, with light grey veinings running through, which the faint imprint creates a misty and artistic conception of mountains and rivers. It is highly appreciated for luxury interior decoration, such as the commemorative architecture, hotel, exhibition hall, theaters, libraries for the floors, walls, columns, stairs, countertops, vanity tops, etc. Stocked in 18 mm slab, customized sizes are available. It can also be sourced into thin tiles for its great texture, with popular size of 12”x12”,x12”x24”,24”x24”, thickness 1cm. Good with Polished, honed, antique, acid-wash and other unique surface finishing.

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1. Oriental White Marble origin and chemical analysis

Oriental White is quarried in Baoxing County, Ya’an district, Sichuan Province, China. It also acts like the onyx with the pure and flawless texture, which can compare favorably with Italian Carrara Marble. The rocks are all white fine-grained marble, mainly composed of calcite (97~99%), unevenly containing a small amount of dolomite, and partially containing a small amount of sericite, quartz and albite minerals. Granular structure, dense block structure.

Oriental White Quarry

2. Oriental White Marble Inspection Method:

Normally people will make some inspection to test the quality of oriental white marble good or bad, but not everyone is familiar with the method, here are some small tips for your reference as below:

A, Putting the ink to the stone back side:

If the ink is scattered and leached everywhere, it means that the inner particles of the stone are loose and the quality is poor. If the ink droplet does not penetrate, it may mean the stone is relatively dense and the water absorption rate is lower, quality good,the water absorption rate of Oriental White is around 0.24%. But sometimes the droplet may not penetrate as it is coated with a water-prooving sealer in the surface and backside.

B, Dropping the vinegar to test the marble it is:

Vinegar will react with marble to form calcium carbonate. Dropping the vinegar on the marble will change the surface of the stone to be rough, which can be seen as true marble. This method is workable, but it may need a long time for reaction because the acidity of acetic acid is weak. The reaction will be more obvious if with dilute hydrochloric acid.

C, Tapping the marble for sounding:

Tapping the marble, and pay attention to the sound. If the sound is crisp, thenthe stone texture is fine, uniform and without cracks; if the sound is hoar, it may mean that the marble has cracks inside and loose texture. This test can only show that the texture of the stone is hard, brittle and with high strength, and can not be used as a criterion for judging whether the stone is good or bad, as the sound emitted by the stone is also related to the variety and size.

We have enough slab inventory, and our factory is constantly cutting the Oriental White Marble stone blocks, welcome to contact us freely.



Material: Marble
Color: White
Quarry Country: China
Thickness: 10-30mm
Slab Size:  2400mm (up) x1200mm (up)
Cut to Size: 12‘’x12”,12”x24”, 24”x24”, etc
Countertop:  96”/108”x26”/36”, etc
Vanity Top: 25”/31’/37”/41”/49”x22”, etc
Surface Finishing: Polished, Honed, Antique,Acid-wash, etc
Application: Floor,Wall, Countertop, Bathrooms, etc


How to pack and load marble slabs and tiles?

  • Fumigated wooden bundles as frame packing;
  • Strengthen with steel bar and plate;
  • Wooden bars reinforce each bundle;
  • 8-15 pieces per bundle, 7-10 bundles per 20ft container;
  • Small quantity: plywood with strong wooden bundle;

packing and loading of stone products

How to arrange shipping from China ?

  • The first shipment is about 10-20 days after receiving the deposit.
  • We work with many Chinese freight forwarder to arrange the shipment and custom clearance for you, even if you don’t have any import experience.
  • We also offer door to door service, which saves much time and trouble for you.

What's MOQ ?

  • MOQ is one bundle,  and the pieces of one bundle is about 8-15pcs.

How to pay ?

  • 30% deposit and balance against B/L Copy or L/C at sight.
  • Pay methods include T/T, L/C, western union, cash and paypal, etc.

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