We Help You to Accomplish Stone Project

”I am an interior decoration designer. I hope that a stone supplier will help me choose the most suitable stone color to complete the design.”

“I am a stone company and we are busy with a large hotel project. I need a stone factory with high quality stone products and stable delivery cycle to help me complete the project.”

“I have a villa that needs to be renovated. I need a supplier that can provide me with customized stone products. I want to make my house very luxurious through stone.”

“I am a contractor of a construction project. I need an easy-to-communicate stone supplier to help me complete some processing in the stone factory in order to reduce the workload on the construction site during the installation process.”

We have One-stop stone Projects solution

Whether you are a designer, a owner, a contractor, a stone company, a decoration company, etc., as long as the work involving stone products can be handed over to us, we have a one-stop solutions to help you save time and costs guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

On Time Delivery

Everyone knows that the project is a systematic project that includes coordination from all aspects of installation, design, and supply of materials. Any part of the problem will cause delays in the construction period or other problems. For the supply of stone materials, on time delivery is the most important thing, and we know it. Usually, we will ship containers on a weekly basis, 1-5 containers per week according to different projects.

High Quality

For natural stone, the composition of this building material is naturally formed. Unlike other decorative materials, some people use inferior raw materials to produce fake high-quality products. The high-quality distinction of stone products is mainly technical quality control. We will only select the quality standards selected by the owner according to the requirements of the project.



If you have any questions about the stone during the design phase of the project, our company provides stone sample service and recommended color selection of stone. According to our many years of experience in the stone industry, we will tell you that there are some stone quarries that have been closed and can no longer be used. At the same time, we also know which stone is the most popular now.



The drawings of the project are complicated, because they include not only stone, but also other decoration materials, such as wood, glass, furniture and so on. We have a professional drawing team that can easily process the stone parts, and then make production drawings to confirm the details of stone production


Each country has industry quality standards, especially the stone certificate is the most commonly used in stone projects. Our company has many kinds of testing certificates for stone. At the same time, if your project requires testing certificates for specified stone, we can also do it for you.


After the production of stone products is completed, we will lay them on the ground in the layout workshop of the project according to the drawings 1: 1, and then adjust according to the texture and color of the stone, and mark each stone. When installing, just follow the mark It can be installed to ensure quality.


Stone installation and maintenance is the last step of the project. When in trouble, we can assist you to complete this step, especially the later renovation and maintenance. We have this very rich experience and we will always serve this project.

The Numbers

We have worked in the field of stone projects for many years and accumulated rich experience and cases.

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Finished Stone Projects

Olympic Gym in Sochi
Viceroy Hotel in Dubai
Menara Astra Building in Jakarta
Meezan Bank in Pakistan
Luxury Villa in Uluwatu Bail
Ghoo Middle East Diamond Hotel in Iran
172 Madison Luxury Codominium in New York
Library of Sharjah University
Persident Library in Kazakhstan
Luxury Villa Project in Indonesia

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