Are you looking for a reliable long-term cooperative stone wholesale factory?

Prompt Delivery, Reliable Quality, Customizable, Best After-sales Service – stone slabs, stone tiles, mosaics tiles, countertops & vanity tops, table tops, paving stone, sculpture stone,etc.

If you have a stone factory

As a large manufacturing country, China can complete orders that cannot be completed by stone factories in other countries. We have comprehensive stone varieties, fast production cycles and favorable prices.

If you have a furniture factory

Some furniture products will include stone countertops. We can supply stone countertops for furniture factories for a long time. The materials of the countertops are marble, granite, quartz, etc.

If you have a building materials store

For customers who open building materials stores, we can supply stone tiles, countertops, mosaic tiles or stone backsplash, etc. We can also customize the customer’s brand on the product.

If you are working with international trade

In international trade, traders must choose a professional factory to produce products. About stone products, we can produce different types of orders from different requirements of various countries.

If you have an interior decoration company

The interior decoration uses a lot of stone and it is customized. Our factory can help you decorate the company to customize all the stone products, the price is the best, and the quality is the highest.

If you have many rooms that need to be renovated

If you are a hotel owner or have many houses to rent, you may use stone during the renovation process, such as the bathroom floor and wall, kitchen countertops, etc. In order to save costs, it is recommended that you directly find our stone factory wholesale.

List of stone categories for wholesale


Regarding the wholesale payment, it is diversified according to the quantity and cycle of purchase, you can contact us directly to discuss.


We have a large number of stone products in stock, such as stone slabs, 610x305x10mm stone tiles, etc., and we are cutting stone blocks every day. We can sign a long-term cooperation agreement with you and will build a warehouse to store your order products.


Our prices are the wholesale price of the factory, and we want to guarantee the profit of the customer purchase and the sales volume in the local country.

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