Travertine Stone

FAQ – Buy Travertine Stone in China

How many travertine stock is there in the factory?

We have 2000 tons of travertine blocks and 5,000m² travertine slabs, ready to cut your order.

How many common travertine surface finished ?

  • Tumbled (textured and porous surface)
  • Honed (smooth and matte)
  • Polished (smooth and shiny)
  • For more customized surface processing, please contact us

My project needs to fill the holes of the travertine, can you do it?

Yes, we have done the production of such items and we know how to handle such orders.

How many travertine colors do I choose?

The main travertine color are: Ivory, Walnut, Noche, and Gold. Our product catalog will list all travertine colors, you can contact us for catalog.

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