Giallo Siena 

Giallo Siena Marble comes from the Siena mountains in southern Tuscany, Italy. for sure one of the most famous and beautiful Italian colored marble. Medium grain marble, yellow back color, random arrangement of light red spots and gold lines, and there are a few specks of gray crystals area on the texture. Ever since it was mined, it has been respected for its widespread use. a fly in the ointment, this stone has naturally formed obvious cracks, If it is not repaired in the process of processing, the corresponding product will be imperfect. Therefore, when purchasing stone materials, we should judge whether the cracks can be avoided when cutting according to our own size.

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The Marble Block-When the Giallo Siena marble was dug out of the mine, the block was already noticeable. It looks so noble. The golden texture is interlaced on the block, and then cut into several Slabs by those who need it
Giallo siena marble block

The Marble Slab
Giallo Siena Marble polished

Marble Slab Processing – The surface of slab will be polished or honed by processed. choose different surface processing methods according to different product requirements.
Giallo Siena Marble processing

Water Absorption 0.04 %
Compressive Strength 163.0 – 175.0
MPaDensity 2700~2710 kg/m3
Flexural Strength 25.3 MPa
Breaking Load Compression Simple 175 MPa
Tensile Strength through indirect Flex 25.3 MPa
Impact resistance: minimum fall height 32 cm
Linear thermal expansion coefficient 4.0 x 10-5 0C-1
Knoop microhardness 1128 MPa
Index unevenness of hardness 1.20

Slab Description

We can see from the surface of  the Giallo Siena marble slab that its background color is light yellow and dark yellow. Our stock has many different slabs.

Light yellow background-color
Giallo siena marble yellow Ground colour
Dark yellow background-color
Giallo siena marble top quqlity1

Top Quality Giallo Siena Marble-The slab surface shown in the picture is of top quality. The yellow line stripes on the slab surface are evenly distributed in each area, and there are no obvious cracks or spots.
Giallo siena marble top quqlity2

Low-Quality Giallo Siena Marble-However, the board in the picture below is not good. There are two background colors on the board, separated diagonally, one light and one dark. To make matters worse, the gold line texture is irregular and the cracks are very obvious.
Giallo siena marble two tone back groud colour

Giallo Siena Marble Finished Products Show

Giallo Siena Marble used to be used for castles and churches. It is very versatile now, and it can be used for floors, walls, fireplaces, pillars, and some interior decoration. This will make the entire room noble. Therefore, Giallo Siena Marble is usually used indoors, not outdoors.

The Wall and Countertop prototype
Giallo siena marble wall and countertop

Fireplace prototype
Giallo Siena marble fireplace

The Tiles Dry Lay Giallo Siena Marble Tile1

The Floor TilesGiallo siena marble floor




Name Giallo Siena marble
Color Yellow
Quarry Country Italy
Density 2.701t/m³
Material Natural Stone
Finished Product Tlie, Countertop, Fireplace etc.
Thickness 10-30mm
Size 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 600×300, etc.
Surface Finishing Polished, Honed
Use Floor, Wall, Lobby, etc.



How to pack and load marble slabs and tiles?

  • Fumigated wooden bundles as frame packing;
  • Strengthen with steel bar and plate;
  • Wooden bars reinforce each bundle;
  • 8-15 pieces per bundle, 7-10 bundles per 20ft container;
  • Small quantity: plywood with strong wooden bundle;

packing and loading of stone products

How to arrange shipping from China ?

  • The frist shipment is about 10-20 days after receiving the deposit.
  • We work with many Chinese freight forwarder to arrange the shipment and custom clearance for you, even if you don’t have any import experience.
  • We are also offer delivery to your door service, which saves much time and trouble for you.

What's MOQ ?

  • MOQ The required quantity must reach a certain quantity to be able to place an order.

How to pay ?

  • 30% deposit and balance against B/L Copy or L/C at sight.
  • Pay methods include T/T, L/C, western union, cash and paypal, etc.

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